Median Adults

8:00 Adult 1—Sonrise (54-72 Coed) - Room 120

We are a Christ-loving, passionate, early-rising group of junior-seniors, striving to grow in the likeness of Jesus.

8:00 Adult 1—Vessels of Light (54-72 Ladies) - Room 123

The Vessels of Light Life Group is a diverse group of ladies who are single, married, widowed and divorced. Some are employed, and others are retired, but continue to be involved in a wide range of activities at NBC and in the community.  We laugh, encourage, share, pray and sometimes cry together as we grow in Christ.  We range in age from around 50 to 75ish, but whatever your age, we welcome you to come at 8:00 each Sunday morning for Bible Study and prayer, prior to the 9:15 worship service.

6:45 Tuesday Evenings

For more information call the Education Office, 803-520-9544.

9:15 Salt & Light (50-58 Coed) - Room 120

Our LIFE Group is a unique blend of various personalities that make each Sunday a truly enjoyable learning experience. Every group member has come to know Jesus in his/her own way. These differences result in each meeting being a spiritual blend of sharing, caring, encouragement and uplifting love and concern. The fellowship that results from our meetings cannot be duplicated outside of a Christian environment and are the obvious result of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

9:15 Adult 5 (45-49 Coed) - Choir Room

Our Life Group welcomes all adult ages and walks of life.  The class is taught by one of our pastors, Scott Crede, who is truly blessed with the gift of teaching scripture.  We study the Bible verse by verse and apply it to everyday life.
Our group is primarily composed of married couples, ranging in age from mid 30s to mid 50s.  Our main focus is to study God's Word in depth so we will be better equipped to serve God and others in a biblical way on a daily basis.

10:45 Adult 1 (46-60 Coed) - Choir Room

Our Life Group is a blessing
Full of folks who care
We all support each other,
In life, with love and prayer.

Steve teaches us the Word of God
He’s helping us to grow
To be bold and share the message
Of Jesus’ love - for all to know

We dig into the gospel
We’re challenged every week
We’d love to have you join us
The fellowship is sweet.