Article: It’s Just a Phase- Infancy (0-12 months) 936 weeks until graduation . . .

Infancy (0-12 months)

 936 weeks until graduation . . .

What’s this phase all about? Sleeping, eating, sleeping, pooping, sleeping . . . you get it. The main goal of parents in this phase it to get baby to sleep through the night. Honestly, sometimes the physical demands are so great and the amount of sleep so small during this phase that brains become mush and not falling asleep while changing a diaper becomes the main goal. This may be the phase when you most need sleep, but this is also the phase when your child needs you more than they ever will again. They are absolutely helpless without you right now.

In the midst of the sleep deprivation, diapers changes, and constant feedings, don’t miss the blessings of this phase. The tiny, warm body that burrows into yours, the first smile or laugh, the beginnings of personality making an appearance, the sweet smell of baby shampoo. Even the middle of the night feedings are a precious thing. If you don’t think so, wait until your 8 lb. baby boy is a 6’0” tall, 14-year-old who eats everything in the house. If you peek in his room at night, you might wish that just for a few more minutes he was that same sweet baby you cuddled and rocked at 2:00am.

During this phase you are actually influencing your child for God just by your consistent availability and caretaking. Your infant is learning to trust you. In turn, that will allow him to learn to trust God later in life. Don’t miss the opportunities to begin verbalizing Scripture, prayers, and your thoughts and beliefs to your child. They may not absorb much information during that first year, but you will become accustomed to talking to your child about things of God on a consistent basis. You are laying a foundation now for those deep discussions with your teenager down the road. Pray over your child during those early morning feedings. Tell her stories during bath time. Walk outside with him and point out the beautiful world God has made. Begin influencing your child now. In a few years you’ll be so glad you did!

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