Article: It’s Just a Phase- Toddlerhood (12-36 months)

Toddlerhood (12-36 months)

 884 weeks until graduation . . .

What’s this phase all about? In the beginning, your baby is still very much a baby. Be ready, though. That won’t last much longer. Soon his nonsense babble will give way to actual words. If she hasn’t already, she’ll take that first step soon and babyproofing will take on a whole new meaning. During this phase, many toddlers find a new favorite word, “No!” She’ll be quick to let you know she can, “Do it myself!” Budding independence may lead to daily tantrums and meltdowns. You will be late multiple times over as you wait for her to dress or feed herself (and clean up the ensuing mess). You’ll find that these are the years when his physical ability to get into dangerous situations far outweighs his mental ability to recognize danger. You can’t take your eyes off of him during this phase. On top of all of this, most parents begin potty-training during this stage.

In the midst of the chaos of toddlerhood, there are multiple blessings. Many of the sweet remnants of infancy are still hanging on. She might be highly independent one minute and a total cuddle-bug the next. Especially in the early months of this stage, many toddlers are still being fed and rocked at bedtime. You are still the center of their world and their favorite person. You may need to hold on during this phase, though. Change is continuous. The difference in a 12-month-old and a 36-month-old is huge. Don’t miss the blessings of all the different sub-phases during this time.

How can you influence your child for God during this busy phase? The ways are numerous! Don’t stop with the ideas given in the Infancy Phase post. Especially during the first six months of this phase, your child is still very much a baby. As they continue growing mentally and physically during these months, they will begin to understand what you’re saying. During the later stages of this phase, they will begin to parrot back to you the stories you are sharing with them. Depending on their verbal abilities, some toddlers even begin to hold small, thoughtful discussions with you.

They are most definitely able to begin learning the big, basic concepts such as God made me, God loves me, and God can do anything. Toddlers are sponges.

Don’t miss these opportunities!

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