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4 Questions for Parents Video Series

In this series of short videos for parents Rich Cochran, Family Pastor at Northside, encourages parents to raise their capacity to influence their children. Often times as parents its the simple small tweaks done consistently over time that make the biggest difference. Video #1: How do I make sure I have the right people speaking […]

Article: It’s Just a Phase- Toddlerhood (12-36 months)

Toddlerhood (12-36 months)  884 weeks until graduation . . . What’s this phase all about? In the beginning, your baby is still very much a baby. Be ready, though. That won’t last much longer. Soon his nonsense babble will give way to actual words. If she hasn’t already, she’ll take that first step soon and […]

Article: It’s Just a Phase

It’s Just a Phase!  How many times have you thought, “It’s just a phase!” or, maybe, “Please, let this just be a phase!”? Maybe your infant thinks 3:00am is great mommy-me time. Or, your preschooler asks “Why?” so many times your brain hurts. Maybe, your nine-year-old son tells so many groan-worthy jokes you could publish […]