New Facilities Coming Soon for NCA Sports

Facilities aren’t everything in sports, but they sure do make a huge difference when trying to compete at the highest level and attract top talent. All one has to do is look at the facilities at other local high schools (public or private) to see the vast amount of resources that are available to most of today’s athletic programs. The Crusaders do not want to just “talk the talk” but truly “walk the walk” in striving to be the best place for one to thrive academically, athletically, and most importantly spiritually. From a facilities perspective, one thing that distinguishes NCA from many other places is the ultimate purpose of the facilities. Sure winning is always great, but the fact remains that reaching people for Jesus Christ will always be the number one priority at Northside. These facilities should help better achieve that goal as numerous ministry opportunities for NCA and Northside Baptist Church will now exist due to the on campus fields.