Join the Women of N for the gather CONFERENCE 2018

Bev Desalvo will speak about drawing together to share in fellowship and Peggy Thibodeau will introduce the art of bible journaling.

February 23 (Friday | 5-9:30) and 24 (Saturday | 7:30-2)

Multipurpose Room at Northside Baptist Church, Lexington

$30 price includes meals, t-shirt and journaling materials

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Bev Desalvo is a Pastor’s wife, mother of 5, author and speaker. She describes herself as a worshiping woman who has been on an amazing spiritual journey. Raised in an abusive home that created a deep fear of intimacy, God has used her pain as a magnet to draw her to His heart. Now she takes this message of hope to hurting women all over the world and has a book, Return to Joy.

“God created all of us for relationship, but the evil one had convinced me that I couldn’t fully trust God or anyone. After believing the lie for many years that “people will hate me if they really know me” I played the game of “Come close, but not too close.” Surprisingly, I’ve found that people love me more when I’m real with them. As I share my story around the world God is using it to break down walls in other people’s lives. He is bringing beauty out of the ashes of my story for His glory.

…God has RESTORED EVERYTHING that was BROKEN AND LOST in my life, and He longs to do SAME FOR YOU.” – Bev Desalvo

Peggy Thibodeau is a full time, self-taught, recycled folk artist living in Myrtle Beach, SC. Her work is collected internationally and hangs in hotels and businesses. She is a van traveler, artist, visual faith coach, creative workshop and spiritual retreat leader. Find how the art of bible journaling will bring God’s Word to life in a new and creative way.


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