A Word From Our Missions Pastor:

When Jesus came to this earth, he fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah 9:2, “The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them.” Jesus described Himself as the Light of the World. People who were living without hope suddenly were filled with hope and purpose as Jesus touched their lives. With His arrival, Jesus pierced the darkness and the blind were able to see, the lame walked and those in bondage set free. As a church we are called to follow Christ’s example. I want to encourage you to pray about how God wants to use you in this world of darkness. How does He want to shine the light of the gospel through you? Together as we pray, give and go, we can pierce the darkness with the light of the gospel and see lives transformed by the power of the risen Christ. Consider joining us on a mission trip. We will provide all the information and training to equip you to serve. We look forward to hearing from you!

– Steve Allen

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  • Indonesia and Brazil Mission trips with Matt Mattos of World Nations International | World Nations International is a non-profit organization that aims to fight hunger and poverty through sustainable agriculture and community development projects in vulnerable communities worldwide as a platform to reach unreached people groups. Their main project is a Mission Training Center in Indonesia with 55 local Indonesians being trained in Theology, sustainable agriculture, business as mission and community healthcare. We are also entering neglected places in South America, Africa and Asia. This year we opened the second base of World Nations in Vienna, Austria and our hope is to grow into 5 sending bases worldwide with 5 projects between unreached people groups in 5 years.
    Interest Meeting on November 17 at 12pm in Room 132. Pizza lunch will be served. Please RSVP by calling the office of missions at 520-9544. Cost: USD 1,399 (airfare not included) | Service Hours: 40 | Our goals: Strengthen local partners and equip nationals. Multiply our efforts through leadership training. Encourage nationals to reach their own people. | Hands-on experience / areas you can serve: Biblical foundation training (teaching about spiritual discipline, Christian family, pastoral counseling, God's character, evangelism). Leadership skills and management (project management, fundraising, cultivating partnerships). Construction projects. Kids ministry. Evangelism with local missionaries.
    Summer Cross Cultural Ministry Leadership | 7-week Program | College Students Age 18+ | Deadline to Register: March 10, 2020
    Our mission team will join our own Andrew and Angie Sutton, who serve with the Hands and Feet Project. They help oversee a Children’s Village where there are currently 17 kids in the residential facility, 8 boys in the transition program and 9 young adults they have helped transition into the community either with extended family or a close friend.
    South Asia has been a land of darkness for many years. Specifically, India is now on the top-10 watch list for Christian persecution. As reported by Open Doors USA, in the most recent year at least 12,500 Christians and about 100 churches in India have been attacked – and this is only from documented incidents. The good news is that God continues to work in a mighty way, making His name known to Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims. In our 14th year of ministering in South Asia, we are incredibly blessed to partner with our national pastor, a dedicated man of God who, with his family and staff, work tirelessly to spread the Gospel to the unreached people groups of South Asia. We love them all and are so thankful for their ministry to the Awadhi People.
    For the past 15 years, folks from Northside have stepped up to that call and followed Jesus into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky to be doers of the Word, to share God’s love with a culture that desperately needs hope. While there, this group puts together vacation Bible schools for both children and adults. Adult VBS’ are held in several adult centers including a nursing home. The Children’s VBS’ are held in the morning at a children’s Daycare and in the evenings at different churches. They conduct a food drive at local grocery stores to replenish the food pantry, and toward the end of the week kit up several boxes of the food and go into the hollers to share the love of Jesus along with the food.
    Northside is working with a church planter in the inner city of Baltimore. Dubbed “a city of neighborhoods,” Baltimore, Maryland, is home to hundreds of districts and more than 2.8 million people. About 40 miles northeast of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, has a long history of renovation and reinvention. In the last century alone, the city has rebuilt itself time and again. An estimated 1,500 buildings were destroyed in 30 hours during the Great Baltimore Fire at the turn of the 20th century. But after months of renovation, the city and the community emerged stronger and better. In the 1960s, much of the population left the city center for life in the suburbs, exposing downtown to financial depression and urban decay. However, revitalization efforts in the 1980s drew people back, and today the city is growing in every direction. Close to the nation’s capital, it is a city of influence as well as a place in great need of people who care and who are willing to invest in today for brighter tomorrows. You can make a difference here.
    The Aibun people live in one of the harshest climates in the world. The temperatures are high throughout most of the year, and rainfall is infrequent. The banks of their river are narrow making farming difficult. For want of water and rich soil, most of their land has never been able to support a large population for long periods. The saddest fact about the Aibun people is that almost 100% of them do not know Jesus as Savior. They are deceived and believe they must work hard to reach heaven. They are never sure if they have done enough. They are looked down upon by their neighbors but we know that Jesus died for them. He wants them to know the hope of eternal life and forgiveness. That is the reason we made the commitment as a church, three years ago, to embrace the Aibun people. We have prayed for them. We also have given finances to reach them. Today, there are no churches among this people group and our commitment is to begin a partnership there and join them in ministering to this unreached group.
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