February 1, 2017

Dear Northside Family,

It’s hard to believe I’ve been your Pastor for 10 years. I can still remember that first Sunday I was with you. It was Christmas Eve 2006. I had asked Steve Allen to preach that morning and as always, he was doing a great job.   While he was preaching, my middle son, Joshua turned to me and said, “He’s a good preacher. Why didn’t they call him?” I was thinking the same thing.

Since that day, our attendance has more than doubled, our giving has increased dramatically, we have baptized over 130 people a year, we have relocated to our new campus and opened another campus, we have started Northside Christian Academy and have had our first graduating class, and we have expanded our missions involvement even adopting an unreached, unengaged people group. God’s hand has been upon us. He has blessed us greatly!

And yet, it’s not the time to look back and celebrate all that God has done. The percentage of unchurched Americans is going up each year. Moral and spiritual issues that were clear cut for many of us are now being questioned by our children and our children’s children. And there are still over 6,000 unreached people groups and over 3,000 unengaged people groups in the world. The need is too great and our time is perhaps too short to take a break.

That is why we are launching ‘Multiply’, a strategic plan that if embraced by you, will allow us to do exponentially more in the next ten years than we saw done in the last ten years. ‘Multiply’ is simply obedience to the Great Commission. It’s the realization that we are to be disciples who make disciples, who make disciples—until Jesus comes back.

If we have 150 people who are committed to being multiplying disciples (disciples who make disciples who make disciples) and each of us reach one and then disciple one each year, in ten years we will have reached and discipled 153,600 people. That means you will pray and share and reach one person each year and teach them to pray and share and reach at least one person each year and they will continue to the process!

It’s simple! It’s Biblical! And it’s how we can change our community, our state, our nation, and our world. So are you in? Are you willing to join us in this journey to ‘multiply’ so the world may know?

Buckle up. Get ready. These next 10 years are going to change everything!

Rocky Purvis, Senior Pastor

Go and Make Disciples…

– Matthew 28:19-20