We envision a church of 10,000 committed, reproducing believers birthing new campuses and churches, leading thousands of people to faith in Jesus, and influencing the spiritual, social and moral climate across the Midlands, North America, and the world.

We envision a church coming together to worship in a variety of environments where the power of God is seen, the presence of God is felt, and the truth of God is presented.

We envision a church sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with every home within a thirty mile radius of our campus, reaching people at every age and stage of life; from every race, nationality, and socio-economic background and baptizing them into the family of faith.

We envision a church sending hundreds of career missionaries and thousands of volunteer missionaries all over the world, and empowering every member to be a missionary in their community.

We envision a church giving 30% of our receipts to reach our community, our country, and our world.

We envision a church gathering in relational small groups where people are learning and applying God’s Word, building community, caring for one another, and serving God.

We envision a church empowering every member to find their place of ministry by helping them discover, develop, and use their God given gifts and talents.

We envision a church partnering with families to impact future generations for Christ by creating fun, engaging environments where God’s Word is taught, relationships are built, and spiritual foundations are established.

We envision a church changing the world, where those searching for answers will find truth, those hurting will find love, and those longing for direction will find purpose.

OUR MISSION is “to make disciples” by urging all people to BELIEVE in Jesus, BELONG to His family, and BECOME like Him.


4347 Sunset Boulevard • Lexington, SC 29072 • (803) 520-5660
Sunday Service Times: 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:00am


742 Kitti Wake Drive • West Columbia, SC 29170 • (803) 957-7065
Sunday Service Time: 10:00am

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